2024 Watch Expectations and Aspirations

Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural installment of Fratello Talks for the year 2024. We trust the new year has commenced favorably for you, and we are thrilled to launch into the second season of our podcast. Here at Fratello HQ, we’ve resolved to confront the new year head-on by engaging in discussions about our fake watch aspirations and prognostications for the forthcoming 12 months. Joining your host Nacho are Morgan and Lex, who will articulate their expectations and desires for the year ahead. From well-informed speculations to audacious forecasts, our team has the spectrum covered. Who knows? Perhaps some of their aspirations may materialize before the year concludes! But before delving into that, let’s begin with our customary wrist examination for 2024.

Wrist Inspection We commence the year with Lex, sporting his commanding Chronoswiss Timemaster, emanating a bold luminosity. This 44mm timepiece, adorned with lume-drenched dial, oversized onion crown, elongated straight lugs, and deeply grooved bezel, is undoubtedly a statement accessory. Yet, for Lex, it’s more than just a fashion statement; it’s a cherished companion, often found snugly secured to his wrist by a bespoke green leather strap from ABP.

Next in line, Morgan flaunts an offering from IWC, namely the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 Top Gun Mojave Desert (ref. IW389402), a recent subject of office scrutiny. Morgan has kept a vigilant eye on the latest offerings from the Schaffhausen marque. While he lauds the compact dimensions of the 41.9mm Mojave, it’s the Mark XX that has captured his heart. Could 2024 witness an addition from IWC to his personal collection? Only time will reveal the answer.

Lastly, Nacho, typically associated with a particular Omega dive replica watch, surprises us with a sizable Breitling adorning his wrist. His acquisition of the 44mm Breitling Avenger chronograph (ref. E13360), a timepiece he has coveted since the inception of his horological fervor, solidifies his status as a Breitling enthusiast (according to RJ, at least). This titanium behemoth, with its 300m-water resistance, satisfies Nacho’s penchant for functional tool watches, seamlessly transitioning between dive and pilot chronograph functionalities.

2024 Watch Aspirations and Forecasts As we embark on the new year, excitement permeates the air as we anticipate what it may unveil. Not only do we have enthralling plans for our show, but we anticipate that watch brands will also unveil a few surprises. While only time will unravel the mysteries, today, the Fratello Talks team engages in contemplation regarding their expectations. They also articulate their desires for what they hope to witness, traversing through a roster of esteemed brands including Rolex, Tudor, Breitling, Omega, among others.

What are your aspirations and prognostications for the world of watches in 2024? Do you resonate with the sentiments expressed here today? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section (either here or on YouTube) for a chance to be featured in the forthcoming episode of Fratello Talks.